Thursday, February 13, 2014

If Global Warming is Really Global Warning, then Al Gore missed it by One Letter.

Many who don't believe in Global Warming will point to silly little facts like Lake Superior freezing over for the first time in 140 years, or Pennsylvania getting 6 inches of snow or more four different times during the same 2013 / 2014 winter season (apparently never happened before), as evidence that Global Warming is all hooey.

It is possible that Global Warming is all hooey, but I would suggest that Global Warning is not. According to AlexLOGIC Words and Phrases, Global Warning means that the actual rise in temperature of the planet may be minimal while the actual difference between the warmest weather and the coldest weather continues to increase.

If the average temperature of where you live is 70 degrees, but in the morning the temperature was 20 degrees farenheit and during the day the temperature reached 120 degrees, but the average for the day was 70 degrees, would that make you feel any better? Would a 20 degree low and a 120 degree high make you feel like that 70 degree average was a good thing? Would plant life like a 100 degree  swing in the daily temperature if the actual daily average temperature was 70 degrees?

Lets not get hung up on global warming, but lets instead focus research on possble warning signs that the hots are getting hotter than they have ever been, and the colds are getting colder than they have ever been, and that that may not be a good thing.

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