Monday, June 16, 2014

We Support Consumer Rights, in Quotes, has been posted ZERO TIMES since 2010 in a U.S. related search.

I just did the most stunning google search. I searched for the phrase "We Support Consumer Rights" in quotes. The quotes ensure that google only searches for that phrase in that order.  I only got 10 hits. When I added the following exclusions, -Dubai, -Australia, and made the research from 2010 to the present, I got ONE RESULT.

When I clicked on that one result, it went to a site that is no longer  working.
Not one group or organization or a person with multiple personalities from the U.S. has posted "We support consumer rights" since 2010. That explains a lot.

When I searched for "I support Consumer Rights" -australia, since 2010, I got four hits.
Two of them were for X-box related issues and another for the UK. The fourth was an article debating the merits of labeling GMO that  seemed to be a bit concern trollish in nature in favor of doing nothing. 

Maybe because Consumer Rights is not a person, people feel less inclined to post "I support Consumer Rights". 

Still seems lame there are not more proclamations stating one's support for Consumer Rights.

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