Saturday, January 3, 2015

Gutting is the new Economic Growth Paradigm.

It's all about Gutting now when it comes to growing the U.S. Economy. Growing the U.S. economy requires an intermittent culling, or gutting, of blue collar wealth so that it can reseed the rest of the middle and lower income class.
As long as the gutting percentage remains under 10%, most probably won't care. Although the argument could be made that even if the gutting went up to 20% or 25% that that would just make the non guttee's that much more grateful and subservient.
Foreclosures lead to renewed opportunity to grow value in a property. Credit card defaults lead to ongoing misery for those who can never pay off the defaulted debt and are forced into higher and higher interest rate paying cycles.
The Foreclosures make the rest of the middle class happy for the renewed economic opportunity of real estate appreciation, fear of credit card defaults and the defaults themselves keep the banks happy as it plunders the credit score of the defaulter resulting in ever higher interest rate charges and profits on any future debt.

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